Make-A-Wish Raffle

You’re buying much more than a ticket…

Maple Bassmasters would like to thank everyone who purchases a raffle ticket from our club. You are not just potentially buying a lucky ticket for a chance at a nice prize, you are helping make a less unfortunate child’s dreams come true. Every year we sell raffle tickets for prizes, but not everyone understands the prize we are truly giving. Every year our state organization, The Illinois Bass Nation, writes a check to the Make-A-Wish Foundation for at least $3,500.00. We wish it could be more. This bit of money will help send a sick young child and their family to an experience of their choice, where they can escape reality for just a few moments to forget their illness. These families deserve to see their child smiling and having fun, not worrying about their next treatment. So, thank you!

This year, as we do every year, Maple Bassmasters will make it our goal to be the highest contributing club in the Illinois Bass Nation. Members will be asked to sell a mininum of 60 tickets per member, and to volunteer at outdoor shows in the springtime where we sell additional raffle tickets while running fishing simulator booths and hosting kids casting competitions for prizes.

If interested, please use our contact form for more information about buying tickets to help this great cause. Maple Bassmasters’ members appreciate your help, but the kids and families appreciate it even more.


Joe Barthelt
President, Maple Bassmasters